Welcome to image spell check! The first Android app that can scan an image, detect spelling mistakes and provide corrections.

Using image spell check, you can take a picture of handwritten English and have the app automatically detect spelling mistakes (if any) and provide corrections. It’s the spellcheck that we love on computers, but for pen and paper. It works offline without internet, but the best results are when the app is online.

This app was designed for students who are learning to read and write in English, and might not be confident about their spellings. The co-founders of this app (we are middle class Indians :)) grew up with teachers and parents teaching us to master the complex world of English spellings – mastering the silent ‘k’ in knowledge and learning how many ‘s’ appear in embarrassment and harassment. The question we started with was – is it possible for technology to help learners spell, to reduce the burden for adults or to supplement adults where they might not know all the spellings either.

To our great surprise and joy, users across the world found many other uses for the app – it has been downloaded over a 1000 times from Playstore. Users have been finding it organically, without any ads or promotion from us; they used it to:

  • check their printed resumes one last time (very wise)
  • check printed brochures and leaflets (wish we had thought of that); and of course
  • check the work of young learners

We have been encouraged by this response to improve the app further. It is still in Beta because our results are still not accurate. The app also cannot detect mistakes in grammar or incorrect usage of words, so we wouldn’t be of much help in the following case:

The app is also free and it will forever be free, because we want everyone, especially young learners, to be able to use it. We pay for  the cost of running the app and maintaining the website ourselves.

Feedback is hence very useful for us – if this is not helpful, we need to know that we should stop :D. But hopefully, you will have things to tell us about how we can make the app more useful, what worked for you and what you wish had worked!

You can reply to this post directly, leave an issue under our “feature requests” page or email us

Stay tuned, we will be updating more about the underlying technology (to get more ideas) and upcoming updates (to get feedback).



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